Designing the Words

Designing the Words

Is your web copy clear and quick to understand? Is it professional?


The measure of quality in writing can be as simple as the comma in this sentence:
“But, this wasn’t about coming up with better algorithms.”


Good Writing for Sales

Why is good writing important? Because it makes things go faster. It makes things clearer. It makes your ideas stick better in the minds of your customers.

Throw an unneeded comma in there, and you’ve just created a tiny roadblock to your point getting across. Throw enough roadblocks and customers go somewhere else.

Good Writing for Marketing

Almost all promotional pieces are made of words and pictures. But too often, the majority of time and money is spent on graphics—photographs and illustrations, logos and icons.

Then there’s the opposite, where a company has so much to say that they choose to fill a space with as many words as possible, hoping to convince the reader that the more they know, the better they’ll feel about that product or company.

The solution is BALANCE. Combine impeccably clear images with effortlessly clear sentences.

Design the graphics but also design the words.


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Good Writing Combined With Good Design

In one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s keynote speeches, he said, “If you’re a designer who can also write, you have an advantage over 75% of all designers.”

That’s what I bring to your table. My skills, experience, and instincts are as much in words as in the images that I design.

Please visit my writing samples page and see if my style fits what you’re looking for.

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