Jose said to me tonight, “But I thought you loved doing all those things!”

My confession to him:

90% of what I can do, I HATE doing, that’s the truth.

I have an eBay store because I couldn’t find anyone else to sell my stuff on eBay. I absolutely hate the tedium of selling on eBay. To help raise money for charity, I must sell on eBay.

I like producing a podcast but would rather just write the show notes, direct it, but let somebody else (prettier and more social) talk in front of the camera, have someone else slavingly edit the footage, create graphics and lower thirds, figure out how to encode it for the Internet, upload it to YouTube, fix the audio levels, microphones and hardware, have someone else set up the cameras and figure out exposures and focal lengths and lighting and set design, etc. etc. etc.

I like to write content and design the story flow of websites, but would rather have someone else actually build it, code it, promote it through social networks, market it, and create the graphics for it. I have ideas on web marketing but would rather have someone else spend hundreds of hours tweeting, instagramming, meme-ing, and facebooking to spread my ideas.

I like to sing, write music and play the piano, but I would rather have someone else figure out the technical aspects of recording it, figure out the proper microphones and multi-track recorders and hardware conversions, and posting the music onto YouTube or Soundcloud or WordPress.

I like to draw but hate the technical aspects of Photoshop, even though I’m pretty good at it now. I would rather just sketch out an idea, then hand it off to someone who will clean it up, add color to it, composite it, get it press ready at 300 dpi, rasterize it for portability, convert it to an EPS or PDF file, embed it into a document.

90% of what I do, I hate doing.

10% is inspiration and God-given talent. The other 90% is blood, sweat and tears.