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    Why is the website named Airgun Diaries?

    I read an article that said the Dalai Lama sometimes shoots his air rifle at hawks to scare them away from smaller birds. Here’s the link and snippet to the article:

    Q: I once read that as a little boy in Lhasa, you liked war toys.
    A: Yes, very much. I also had an air rifle in Lhasa. And I have one in India. I often feed small birds, but when they come together, hawks spot them and catch them — a very bad thing. So in order to protect these small birds, I keep the air rifle.

    Q: So it is a Buddhist rifle?
    A: [ Laughs ] A compassionate rifle!


    I also believe that the mouth is a gun, using air to throw words out, to say something. So that’s a second meaning to Airgun Diaries:)