Meme Cat

Meme Cat




Meme Cat


look at my picture a half dozen times
ooh and aah and make that animal-loving aww sound
then click “like” and go away, to the next heartwarming story
to your day filled with choices and sunlight and many many windows

I would like just one window, my own
with a view of a tree, or trees
my own soft towel, or if I’m really lucky, a blanket
a toy, more than one toy
a bowl with my name on it

your time

yes, what would be nice is to have
your time, that I don’t have to share with everyone else

to hear you say you don’t mind sharing your time with me
for you to be okay with having one less moment of freedom for yourself
so you can put food in my bowl
give me clean water
scoop my litter
talk to me
just talk to me

it’s okay if we don’t understand each other as long as we’re in the same room
and I can bump my head against your hand
and I can lick your hair
and we can have staring contests

and when I go to my window to look at the birds
I don’t have to worry about looking back
because I know you’ll be there

because there was that one day when you clicked “like”
and you didn’t go away.



If you have a spare window, some fresh towels, and some time and attention to give, please consider adopting a cat or kitten.
Please visit Making Biscuits Cat Rescue