Writing Services

Writing Services

In terms of services, anything short of a novel, I have already done and can offer:

  • Company overviews
  • Brand journalism
  • Product descriptions
  • Social media writing (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts, articles, and memes*)
  • Mission statements
  • Slogans
  • SEO copywriting
  • Inspirational quotes that reflect your company spirit
  • Verbiage for UI/UX interfaces
  • Advertising copy
  • Technical writing

If you have no words already written, I can research and write them. I can also review your current text, proofread and massage it to best ring in your intended audience’s ear.

I can work on 1-day quick projects or more comprehensive writing that establishes a brand over an extended time.

A Brief History of My Writing

In grade school, I wrote book reports for myself, and helped classmates write theirs in exchange for half their potato chips during lunch. In more extreme cases, I used words to avoid the wrath of bigger kids who otherwise would have asked for more than just a well executed paragraph, written in their voice, that allowed them to pass the take home written exam.

In high school I discovered Shakespeare and Twain, Poe and Dickinson and cummings. I wrote sonnets and haikus and began to write songs on the piano and guitar. In college I discovered Sandburg, Neruda and Bukowski, and expanded my writing to include essays and prose poetry.

During my professional years, more than a quarter century now and counting, I researched and wrote technical documents, clinical guides, search engine-friendly verbiage, and optimized passages to sound natural and almost ad-libbed. I don’t force a word or a sentence where it doesn’t want to be.

I also have a twisted sense of humor, which I’m trying hard right now to temper so I can write respectable copy:)

Contact me to see how we can work together.

Email: gsd@airgundiaries.com
Phone: (562) 396-5778


    * Some of my memes have had notable results. See photo below.