New, Improved Enlightenment version 2.0

New, Improved Enlightenment version 2.0

From The Four Noble Truths DVD with the Dalai Lama

Question from audience:

“Could you advise a layperson with a home, family and work demands how to develop a systematic pattern of practice?”

Dalai Lama:

“To a serious practitioner, the most serious effort is very necessary. Without that, just a short prayer, some chanting, or a recitation with the mala beads, is not sufficient, cannot change your mind. Our negative emotions, I think, are so powerful, that in order to challenge that, we need constant effort. Through that way, yes, I think we can definitely change.

But usually, my western friends request the quickest, and easiest, and most effective, way. Then also perhaps, another question perhaps–the cheapest! I think that’s impossible! I…I usually feel that is a sign of failure! Hahaha…”

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