The Force Awakens

I was already satisfied. It was already fulfilling. I already got what I needed from the x-wing battle and the lightsaber battle, and then the BIGGER lightsaber battle with Rey and Kylo Ren. I was already satisfied.

And then you gave me one more place to go, a very different planet with islands surrounded by a fortress of ocean. You left Chewbacca back at the ship, and you led me up the steps to follow Rey. And we climbed, and climbed, until I almost became impatient. And then we knew that we were going to Luke, even before he appeared in the clearing. And then Rey, never taking her eyes off his, fumbled for his lightsaber. And then she presented it to him. And the world became even bigger than what I thought it had already become.

And though the moment was incomplete, it felt complete. It felt right. It felt like Star Wars again.