To A Creative

To A Creative

You are not part of the train.

You are not a gear, or the wheels, or the piston.
You are not the roof over the engineer’s head,
protecting him from the weather.

You are not the coal that feeds the engine,
or the steam that powers it.

You are not the tracks that keep it from straying.

You are not the water that cools it,
nor the tower that holds the water.

You know what you are, creative?

You are the curve of the number 5 on the front of the train.
You are the red pin stripe that runs along its side.

You are the music that plays during dinner,
the purple in the brushed velvet curtains in the salon
that make passengers feel like royalty.

You are the name of the locomotive, Zephyr, and all its meanings.

You, creative, do NOTHING to transport passengers across the country.
You do NOTHING to keep them alive.

So what do you do, creative?

You make the passengers feel.
You make them forget about their lives outside this train.
You elevate them, make them feel more important
regardless of who they are, or where they came from,
or how much is in their pockets.

You make them transcend the day into something more than just a day.